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3D Mars Movie

I wanted to make a bigger animation. And Irtc.org launched a competition with the theme " alien invasion".

So I made this. It took me 2 months on 3d max. I sent it to the french animation competition, but never got a reply. The problem was that I ran out of time because I thought deadline was 3 weeks later. So it turned out with tons of bugs and errors, and I had to skip some scenes.

Of course all the designs are done by me. I tried to make an effort, but they are not very finished. Check it out

Was made and rendered on my Dual PII300.

Download avi 8,7mb DivX

For the story I wanted to make a funny way to explain all the "mysterious" malfunctions and crashes of Nasa's Mars exploration programs. All the recent programs are in here, and the popular ones.

Viking, Pathfinder, Observer, Polar Lander. All of these projects disrupted the Martian's TV broadcast so they seek revenge and make all earth satellites crash. the last screen is the first, so the title goes :" Go home and stay there." from the Martian's point of view. We are dumping all this trash on their planet.