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Urban furniture for the new school building.

Boy did I hate this project. It was a team work and we both flunked it. That teacher really is a weirdo. I like the 3D I did however, it was a ton of work to take all the pictures of all the buildings, amd then rebuild it. I didn't want to use the the photos as textures, first because the buildings are dirty and second was not enough time. This is my new school building, it used to be a military caserne. We had to make outdoor furniture and signs for around the campus.

../projects/fonck/3dfonckalley.jpg ../projects/fonck/3dfonckbench.jpg ../projects/fonck/3dfonckbench2.jpg ../projects/fonck/3dfonckbike.jpg
../projects/fonck/3dfonckgarb.jpg ../projects/fonck/3dfonckt2.jpg ../projects/fonck/3dfoncktent1.jpg ../projects/fonck/3dfoncktent2.jpg
../projects/fonck/3dfoncktop2.jpg ../projects/fonck/fonckflagm.JPG ../projects/fonck/fonckmodels.jpg

Download the avi animation 1,2mb DivX

Download the avi animation 1,1mb DivX