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First aid kit and pharmacy

proto model closed proto model open

This was our big project of the 1st semester, a first aid box and pharmacy, we were supposed to make it together with a little company here in liege, Stella. The company has a minimalist attitude, but somehow we took our liberties later on, because Stella didn't give a shit. they seem to have big money problems and never even came to see our finished "products", they didn't even give a reason.

the complete set closedthe set opened

The idea was to have a first aid section that can be used as well hooked to the wall as put on the floor, so you don't need everything 2 times, once in the pharmacy and once in the first aid part that never gets used. Well they really liked the first aid part because it reminded them of the old-fashioned doctors bags or so.

the 1st.aid open



It was quite a job to make all the little pictograms for all the things in the bag, I find they turned out really good, there were about 50.