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This was the last thing we had to make, the motto was movement, an object that expresses movement mixed with the restrictions the material brings to make it. So i made this spin thing here. it is a bigger copy of a thing my dad brought from an exposition. It is supposed to be an ancient indian toy? or something, well they found it in an indian grave. if you spin it in one direction it will start to wobble, slow down and turn the other way!!! all this is due to the shape. it has a "twist" in it. but if you turn it the other way it will just spin normally. It took me 4 tries to figure out the real shape, i modeled it on the computer an milled it with my 3d mill. ( the 1st one took 5 hours to mill! the final one 3 hours ! ) i also made little ones out of plastic, mirrored ones and symetrical ones to show that is only the shape that does it. it is just a phenomenon of oscillations. also if you make it wobble it will start turning. It is a very interesting thing!

1st spin thing  final spin thing

download the mesh .3ds (20k)