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My Model airplanes

Here are most of my radio-controlled model airplanes and other models I made when I was younger

Well this is my first airplane, it was a kit, a multiplex Derby, I got it when I was around 14, I preferred it to a better one because it looked better and was less work to build, but I flew very bad and had a lot of problems. finally it crashed so many times I gave up repairing it, I would have had to rebuild it completely after the last crash so I trashed it, the wing is still in the attic though.

derbyme with derby half done

I made this plane from a plan I found in a magazine my dad bought when he was around my age, it was supposed to be a control-line model but I changed it to put a radio control in it and electric motors instead of combustion, at the end the plane was way too heavy to fly so I just made a nice paintjob and it got stuck in the attic. It is a B-25 bomber


Here is my second kit plane, it is an electric motor glider. I think I flew this one the most. and still today I can't fly right.

electro uhu

My planes never flew very long without some modification so here is the electro uhu with a new wing-design

cosine-wing euhu

here is probably my favorite plane, a Vary Viggen by Burt Rutan, I ordered the plans from the factory where burt rutan used to make his planes. I really like the canard design, not only because it is different. somehow this model only flew once, to find out that the exhaust holes where too small, I changed them and since then the model is in the attic, anyway I cant fly good enough to fly it anyway.

varyviggenvary viggen

under construction

This is one of the few models I designed myself, I made some calculations, the plans and built it, it was for a model competition form a German model magazine, FMT, I got done too late, and never test flew it so it was rejected. But it looks good

I called it XYON


Here are some other prototypes

prototype canardprototype vectortrust

this was supposed to my big project, it is a reduced model of my interpretation of Jules Verne's Epouvante, the master of the world's vehicle

it is supposed to drive, fly and dive, this is test model of the flying configuration, later I would build it in big scale with swing wings and ducted fans, the whole water proof and capable of diving. well it it too expensive and would take too much time and money , but I really think it is possible even though only for an unmanned model running on batteries.


some time I felt like really learning to fly so I started to build a real trainer model somehow I gave up, I got this model half finished from a friend in the states.

trainer model

this is by far the biggest model I tried to build, I got the fuselage from a friend pilot who found it in a garbage, it is one of the biggest model gliders available in kit, with a wingspan of 4 meters, it is just too big!! it is for sale! anyone??

acro glider for sale

here are some other plastic models I built before I started rc planes

plastic plane models

this is a picture of my attic with all the leftover model airplanes

all the remaining planes

yeah I really like aerodynamics , so I made a windmill, I am convinced the wing shape has some special property, does anyone want to analyze it ??

wind mill

I sort of gave up flying machines. and I don't have the time or the nerve to continue, and it is very expensive. I still really like aerodynamics and some day I would really like to get more involved with it, or hydrodynamics, I like the flow part, turbulences and how to get rid of them.