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Other constructions

when I was small I used to play with Lego a lot , and I mean A LOT!!!!

so when the first Lego competition was held in Luxembourg, of course I entered it and I got second prize! wow (second prize was nothing!!) :( this jerk who won got to go to Lego land and participate in a worldwide final Lego building competition. Just because I didn't put a motor in it, well I have my official Lego builder diplomas now!

here is what I built, a transformer, yeah I like those


my lego diploma

the next year I went back for revenge, and I got first prize (as 5 others did too)

it was under the motto flying or something

all togetherall apartmain ship

 another lego diploma

this is my nuclear power plant made of paper, I made this during the summer right after sixth grade, I got the preprinted paper and instructions from some dude who works at an electrical supplier of Luxembourg, man what a job it was, I think it took me 3 weeks, but every detail is on it!!

it's marble maze was a school project in 7th grade of course it was the biggest

marble maze

this was another school project, I cant remember what year it was , it is a model of a roman apartment house, that little sheet of paper is all I had as plan

it was the biggest and best , and I got 100% on it :)


Well here is a cool collage we had to make in school, the theme was just a collage, so paste any old thing together. So I did something different. since everybody uses paper, I will not use any paper. so I tried to find a piece of every material used in production and pasted it together. everything but paper. metals, plastics, fibers, glues, sand, plaster, ceramics, clay, porcelain, rubber, silicone, enamel, glass, ....

well there is a little bit of paper, I put a piece of sandpaper and tape in which are made with paper like material. the whole thing is glued onto a fiberglass board, and there is a tempered steel nail that sticks out the back to hang up. some of the objects are a specific shape and are grouped together for symbolic purposes but not all. there is a piece of an old visa card and a microchip in it as well as a windows95 demo CD (har har). even an Intel balloon. and a coca-cola cap and can, some jeans, Gore-Tex, floppy disks, a phone card chip, reflectors, Teflon, propeller, bullet, velvet...

Material collage

now this is a real cool thing I made. it is my computer tower, I was sick of the lame straight and square white box so I put some foam and carbon/Kevlar fibers over it and it looks muck cooler! everybody who sees it asks what it is. yeah is is for sale now too, coz I needed a ATX box for my new computer

I would like to keep it though.

computer tower

well I didn't make this but it is so cool I just have to put it on my page, (I copy it but don't tell anyone) .it doesn't have a name (or does someone know what it is called??) they say it was invented by Indians. it is just some thing with a strange shape, and when you spin it the one way it slows down, starts to wobble and then spins a few turns the other way cool hey! but if you spin it the other way it just spins until it stops and all this just because of its shape, this is even neater than an airfoil!

I made a bigger one like this as a school project. see in second year.

spin thingspin thing

here are some paintjobs I did big wow huh

rc buggy

Titanium pencil

Titanium Pencil

I always wanted a pencil out of Titanium, so here it is , I made it myself, out of a scrap tube.

Sometimes I find the material things are made of more interesting than the thing itself. Titanium still has that special touch to it, everybody was impressed when they heard it was real Titanium.

How about a discoball

I made this one out of CDs. To bad it doesn't break the light as much I a hoped. This is the best idea I had to recycle CDs.

I started this picture in religion class in 7eme, we were supposed to draw our favorite place or something like that, it started with the little island in the middle. at the end my friend Jo and I linked our 2 drawings together, his was sort of the same , and the same size.