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Street Light

Our final project of this year is a street light for residential areas. We are really working together with a big company, Schreder. And the best will be produced, it is a competition but not only for us, but also other design firms. I find it really interesting, because I know how to use Lightscape and Max for 99% accurate renderings, unlike the others in class. I like lights, even in 3D they are used to make a mood, especially cool with fog !

so here is what came out.

the whole construction in my room light 3d light open

night view night view

I really blew them away with my 3D pictures and animation. I guess I really impressed the guys from the Schreder, because they phoned me to come and show them how I did it.


The project was to make a street light to replace an older model, but which would take over the same taste. We all had to present a few different ideas and then they picked which one we should work on. Since mine was so original, they said I should do this one even though it doesn't fit the domain they wanted. My idea was totally see-through arm but this was not possible the way I wanted it. So this is what came out.

I figure it was the animation that really killed them so go take a look:

Download the avi animation 0.7mb DivX