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Some of my 3D renderings

Here you can see some 3D renderings I made over the years. I started with 3D studio2.2 (under DOS ;) I had to buy a whole extra 4mb ram to make it run on my 486DX at those days so I had 8mb total :) wow. I was 15 at the time, but it took me 2 years to figure it out without books/internet or any help.

I would say I have quite a bit of experience by now, but I prefer to limit myself to manmade objects. If you are interested in having some renderings, animations or animated gifs made let me know.

These are my oldest 3D pics I could find, a Pc tower and my interpretation of Jules Verne's Epouvante, a vehicle that can drive ,fly, swim and dive. Someday I would like to build a R/C model of it. However I don't think it is realizable as a real vehicle. Life-support would make it too heavy.

This is my 3axis mill, computer controlled of course. Very interesting device but rather complicated to use. I milled my torusknot, mouse, perfume bottle and spinthing

What would 3D be good for if you couldn't get it out of the computer. And a mill is one of the cheapest ways to do this. Of course this is rather limited unlike a 3Dprinter or stereo lithography machine.