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Koizumi competition entry

13th annual competition

The base idea of the light was to avoid the violent light flash when turning it on, to allow the eye to gradually adapt to the bright light when changing from dark to light. (when passing from very dark to a 300w light hurts the eye) Further on the tinted glass that turns over the light bulb changes the color of the light from very dark red to white which is similar to dawn, when the sun rises. The glass may be tinted in different color stripes to simulate sunrise more accurately or it may also be of a different color (for example blue). The light is to be mounted on a wall so the light reflects of the wall and ceiling to give a real impression of dawn, as the sun also rises to one side and gradually illuminates the sky. The slow reaction of bimetals allows the glass to open slowly ,allowing the eye to adjust. The choice of bimetals also comes from the fact that most light bulbs create very much heat. So why not use the heat for something more useful, like movement, it is sort of recycling. The perforated metal is for heat regulation and also makes an interesting effect behind the tinted glass. The light should show the opposite of dusk, which is dawn, it is a second dawn at dusk, when light is needed. The light gets turned on when it gets dark, at dusk, but it simulates the sunrise, dawn, a beginning ,at the end...

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