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Fun on Wheels bike

here is the project we did in second semester, i decided to make a bike where you can steer both wheels and with 2 wheel power so a 2x2 bike . these 2 things allow one to drive in any direction by turning the wheels the way you want to go. so you can drive to the side, or even backwards by always pedaling the same way. everything can be changed during driving.

here is the first concept model

then came the first real model

but they didn't like the shape, so I made them a super cool shape total design as I thought but they didn't' like it and said it is not what they wanted. well see for yourself, I think it is super cool. Well maybe it is because they didn't understand how it works.

I named it the Sidewinder, I find it looks sort of like a snake and it also moves to the side like the sidewinder snake.

super manouver moderoad modegoing sidewaysinside mecanismcomplete body

And here is the explanation in 3D