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Blimps in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg there are quite often Blimps and Zeppelins passing. This comes from the facts that Goodyear has its main European plant here in Luxembourg. I was always fascinated by the huge Europa Goodyear blimp that passed right over our house when i was small, maybe that is were my interest started. But then they got rarer in the 80s and the blimp got scrapped. However there are still other blimps and zeppelins around which stop here in Luxembourg. Mostly they land in Useldange, a small airfield, northwest of Luxembourg.

Copyright Goodyear

I really like the night light show display on the side of the blimp but i can't find any pictures. Please tell me if you have some.

Once the Fujifilm blimp which is based in Essen at the WDL flew over Luxembourg, here is the picture I took.

Here are some pictures I took when the Goodyear blimp Spirit of Europe II was in Luxembourg and based in Useldange. It was here to film the hot air balloon world championship.

blimpg3c.jpg blimpg1.jpg blimpg3d.jpg
blimpg11.jpg blimpg1b.jpg blimpg1d.jpg
blimpg2a.jpg blimpg2b.jpg blimpg2c.jpg
blimpg2d.jpg blimpg3a.jpg blimpg3b.jpg
blimp4a.jpg blimp4d.jpg

Now here is a real Zeppelin, the only one existing at this time, the biggest airship flying. 75m long, the Zeppelin-NT. I certainly never thought I would see this one but it came to Luxembourg and made a short stop in Useldange before flying to the Bodensee and then across Siberia to Japan. The difference to a blimp is that a zeppelin has an internal structure.

znt10s.jpg znt11s.jpg znt12s.jpg
znt13s.jpg znt14s.jpg znt15s.jpg
znt1s.jpg znt2s.jpg znt3s.jpg
znt4s.jpg znt5s.jpg znt6s.jpg
znt7s.jpg znt8s.jpg znt9s.jpg

Some day I am really hoping to see a Blimp like the Cargolifter or similar, I find the concept is absolutely great and it would be enormous!! It is a pity that the whole company was mismanaged until bankrupt. But the infrastructure is standing so someone should continue it. There IS a need for such a cargo blimp.

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