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My Jewelry creations

Here are my jewelry creations, I designed and made them myself. Some are just prototypes ,proof of concept , others are made by order , others again were inspired by some special person I wanted to make something for. I work best if I do it for someone in particular, it is one of my main sources of inspiration, to make other people happy, and please them and I express it by making things for and giving things to them. That is probably why I started making jewelry, it is the most personal thing I thought of, that would be appreciated, If I give something to someone I design it especially around that certain person. I hope that I succeed to reflect the way I see that person in the creation.

The creations are listed more or less in chronological order.

Sorry about the bad picture quality but since I don't have most of these creations anymore I can't make any new photos.
p.s. none of the women mentionned below ever became my real girlfriend :( darn

p.s. If somebody is interested in having me make or design some jewelry just let me know.

Prototype Bracelet and Ring

Sharky pendants

Whale tail pendants

Conny's earrings

Joelle's Ring/Bracelet

Carina's 1st ring

Carina's 2nd ring

Puzzle ring

The Goutte d'or ring/bracelet

The gold drop

The bracelet with no name

Button sharkos

Facial jewelry

Puzzle Piece Pendants

Neat bracelet

The motorized ring box

Michele's earrings

Pin-on necklace

Laetitia's Meteorite pendant

Solo pin

Tanja's Angelwings

Tanja's Interlacing hands ring

Tanja's Titanium butterfly ring

Sikhote Aline Meteorite

Gibeon Meteorite slice

Complete small Gibeon fragment

My Sharko ring/bracelet

My Great White Pendant with titanium

Mereorite cufflinks

My Meteorite cufflinks

Cadia's Hidden Heart Ti. Meteorite Pendant