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My Jewelry creations

Here are my jewelry creations, I designed and made them myself. Some are just prototypes ,proof of concept , others are made by order , others again were inspired by some special person I wanted to make something for. I work best if I do it for someone in particular, it is one of my main sources of inspiration, to make other people happy, and please them and I express it by making things for and giving things to them. That is probably why I started making jewelry, it is the most personal thing I thought of, that would be appreciated, If I give something to someone I design it especially around that certain person. I hope that I succeed to reflect the way I see that person in the creation.

The creations are listed more or less in chronological order.

Sorry about the bad picture quality but since I don't have most of these creations anymore I can't make any new photos.
p.s. none of the women mentionned below ever became my real girlfriend :( darn

p.s. If somebody is interested in having me make or design some jewelry just let me know.