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About Me

Not that it interests anybody but I felt like writing it down anyway.

Well what do you want to know about me?

This is all about my life and so on

This is very private stuff so leave now. You may under no circumstances whatsoever use this information for any private or professional purpose.

chapter 1: my life

Wednesday ,1974 April 24

Born in York, Pennsylvania in the United States of America

(York was once the capital of the USA for a short time)

That's where everything started.

Raised in York ,PA lived there for about six years. Both my parents are Luxembourgish but I don't consider myself luxembourgish or american but somewhere between , I pick out the best parts of the two.

I went to kindergarden in York but end of 1979 we moved back to Luxembourg, where my parents lived before they came to the states around 1970. I also have a sister, she was born in Luxembourg 1969 August 23 that make about 5 years difference. (married with 3 kids)

While I lived in the States we were evacuated because of the near-meltdown of the Three-Mile Island Nuclear Power plant in Harrisburg in 1979. we could see it from our house on a clear day.

My parents always called me Marc the shark because I was always in the pool.

somehow I guess I try to resemble the shark, What makes the shark so feared?, the fact that you never know where it is, if it is there or not, me too, I appear and disappear all the time ,and no one sees me either . I stay silent, but sometimes I attack out of nowhere. Har har har. :)

1980 starts a new life in Luxembourg

I start going to primary school in Helmsange, commune of Walferdange. I couldn't speak luxembourgish but I understood it because my parents always talked luxembourgish to me in the states and I answered in English, but in first grade you learn fast. They say I fell asleep the first day in school.

I was always one of and mostly the first and the best in school, in everything.

1984 we moved to Helmdange, commune of Lorentzweiler

We just built a new house and so we moved in when it was finished. That meant all new school and friends. The village was only 5 Km away from the other place but for a kid that is a lot. I find the people there are completely different, a lot less friendly and weird, but my old friends really turned strange after I was gone. drugs and booze.., But in those days I didn't notice. There is a creek nearby and I always went to play in there with a friend, Jo. And in the garden we have an apple tree I was always climbing around on. that was cool.

1986 I start school in the Lycee

Man what a change, going to the big city to a high school. There was an entry exam in June, but I broke my arm a week before at a bike accident, I ran down a really steep hill and hit the sidewalk in a curve. so I had to take classes all summer and do the exam in fall. I passed. I also did my confirmation with my cast on that summer.

I was always really naive and still am shy or what the french call reserved. I never needed to look at my grades because I was always the best, but now my grades were really bad and I didn't even realize it, I almost flunked, but my French teacher helped me. In 6e I got my nickname, Heng, which is the luxembourgish nick name for Henry, just like Hank in English, many people still only now me by my nickname. It was Georges who thought I should be called like that. Everything went fine until 4e, the 3rd year of High school this horrible German teacher thought it would be better for me not to help me so she gave me an exam for fall. I passed it but she really ruined my summer. Now is were it gets ugly. No real vacation means no real rest, especially because the exam is just a few days before school starts. So I started that year unrested. Everything started to go wrong, and I flunked, because this other asshole of a German teacher also thought he wouldn't help me, just like the math teacher and the history teach, just one of them could have saved me, but no. I don't really insist either, because I hate pushing people, if they don't want to, they don't want to. So I did the class over, but the school system changed just that year.

1989 I was in Ramstein when the accident happened, I have pictures of the whole thing (should I up them?)

1992 I made my drivers' licence when I was stuffed with pills, I didn't sleep all night and was barfing all night too, but I made it. after that was a cool time, the Heng tours was founded. We, Schumi, Konsi,Tom and I were driving around squirting people with water, we changed the windshield washing nozzles so it would squirt to the side, or the back so we were squirting everybody on the sidewalk. I had a CB in the Toyota Camry PT020 and later Konsi came by car and we were driving around town, in contact by CB and squirting everybody. That tank is too small, we had to refill a few times in half an hour.

1995 I changed to the Lycee Michel Rodange

This school is quite nice, and the class I had was nice too, I still missed a lot of classes but I went to the exam, I almost made it, but I got another exam in fall, in math's. I flunked again. So I did the year over again and this time I passed, I had an exam in fall again in chemistry, but I made it! By now the kids in class are 4 years younger, man that sucks, but some are really nice.

I guess most people say being teenager is the nicest time of your life, to me it certainly was the worst.

After finally passing I studied Industrial Design in Liege, Belgium for 4 years, no problem. Back on top again I was always among the first in Design. The funny part was that I was teaching the teachers 3d graphics and other PC stuff. It was a nice time there but a lot of work always so not much fun there. But at the end I would have liked to stay another year. Finished in June 2001

2.1.2002 I started work in Echternach at RRD, Rotarex Rapid Development, formerly Electrolux. October the office was closed and I was transfered to Lintgen, the Headquarters of the Rotarex Group where I started doing all the communication of the Group. Making layouts of the catalogs, posters, I made the whole website, 3Danimations of the valves, films, DVD, CD, small Databank applications, fairs, taking care of marketing gadjets and so on, all on my own of course, you can imagine the work. And I am still there.

A couple of things to remember:

Hope for the best but expect the worst.

Don't dream too much about happiness, you might miss it.

I like the Borg: always work as efficient as you can.

Chapter 2: my pets

I used to have a cat at home, he was called chippy, from the Indians Chippewa. Unfortunately he lost an eye. he was a big tigered cat. we had him for about 14 years. I like cats. but he died a while ago. Some day I would like another cat.


My sister has a dog but he is here very often too, his name is chessy, from Chesapeake, also an Indian name. he is really cute and playful.


we had quite a lot of pets at home I find, a bird, a beagle, a turtle, goldfish and others, a hamster, well they were my sisters'

I like animals but I don't think they can ever replace a human.

Breathing for

(25 hour tolerance depending on time zone)