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Comics & Cartoons

WellI don't like comics too much ,I prefer jap animation but some are really worth it. My favorites are Calvin &Hobbes, the Far Side, Garfield and Grimmy and of course the Simpsons and now Futurama.

Calvin & Hobbes

these are little strips about a kid and his stuffed tiger, really funny



this happens

i like this one

trick or treat calvin style

calvin and hobbes calvin and hobbes

Gary Larson's The Far Side is strange but really funny too, everything in a different perspective

Here's Garfield

Grimmy is about the same as Garfield but it is a dog, and he is drawn a lot worse and lives with mother goose and a strange cat. But very funny.

Here is a comic I really like but I can't really find any book or anything about them They are called LOVE IS... And everytime the text is "Love Is ..." and some thing that goes with the picture.