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I really like manga, and japanime and also some comics. the weird part about it is that there is no ketchup, which gives the whole thing a different angle. Somehow I have noticed that some people cant watch animation because they dont seen to understand it or just lack the possibility to imagine what is going on. You need a lot more imagination that when you watch a real movie, because everything I stylised, simplified , just an ideogram of what it is supposed to be, this also makes it more artistic and gives more possibilities.

Here I just want to present a few of my favorite mangas and comics. If you want more information about them , look for a specialized site, I dont have the time or space to explain every detail.

The alltime best and biggest hit is Robotech also called Macross ( I still dont know the exact difference)

The mecha is really cool and really works, thats what I like about it. All kinds of subjects are treated in this series. It is a must see,

The macross plus addon series is very good, unlike most others, like sentinels or macross 2

main robotech characters

alpha fighterveritech fighter

cyclonecyclone motorcycle

One of my favorite series is Nadia and the secret of blue waters

It is the story about this girl who wants to find out were she was born, and lots of people who are chasing her to steal her pendant. They visit atlantis, destroy paris and fly in huge spaceships, all this in 1889!!

main nadia characterspicsnautilus

grandes tank

A Manga of a completely different type is Kimagure Orange Road

This is all about a guy and his love triangle, where Hikkaru just sticks to him and Madoka who met him before well Kyosuke save her life when she was younger ,when he traveled back in time with his powers. it is very funny the whole story. just the final movie really sucks.

madoka ayukawa hikkaru and madokamadoka

Here are some pictures of the new film called Shin Kor.It play a few years later. Very good film.

hikkaru oldermadoka older

and of course there is the classic Captain Harlock

somehow only ther newer series have survived , but I like the older ones better where he still fies in the old ship, it looks a lot different , especially the front part, here it is

old ship

Cut and views of the new ship(210K)


A friend just lent me a super good manga book series, Video Girl Ai, now that is a good series, I would never have thought a comic book could communicate feelings so good. I am impressed.AN ABSOLUT MUST READ! I also bought the first video tape but it is not as good as the books

I forgot Nausicaš

see the jewelry page, these were somewhat insiration to michele's earings. She was rated the most popular manga girl for a very long time. and yes she is cute!


there are so many good series I would like to write about but that would just get too long, and there are some good sites with all the info you want. here is a list of my favorite series:



orange road

cats eyes

city hunter

neon genesis evangelion

maison ikkoku


golden boy


captain harlock

les mysterieuses cites d'or

ulysse 31

Golden boy

any many more.


and then there are the films like:



macross plus


porco rosso

ghost in the shell


all the movies from the series

and plenty more

Right now I am reading Family Compo and I"s manga comic books, really great stuff, really funny. Fcompo is by the same guy who made cats eyes and city hunter.