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Here is my new hobby:
Fixing up a 1979 C3 Corvette.
This is my all time favorite car so when a friend told me about this internet car search site I checked it out and found this one really cheap.I am in the Corvette Owners Club here in Luxembourg, mine seems to be one of the best conditions here in the country for a C3 model.

I really like this car for many reasons:

-It looks great, nice shapes and very clean outside. almost 1 piece body
-It is not so conventional (fibreglas body)
-It sounds great V8, 5.7L :) no need to add strange mufflers an so
-It has quite a bit of power. ok so there are faster and stronger cars now but its 24 years old..
-Targa roof :)
-Easy to work on, simple mechanics and so I can work on it myself
-Its a corvette, not just any car (and you still get almost every part)
-Its a legend.
-No need to add funky shit. its great as it is.
-sexy car :) (if i woud have to get a different one i'd get a cobra)
-ok so it is not practical, but everybody turns around when I drive by :)

Check my Corvette photo gallery for lots more photos.

Thats me, it looks great for a 28 year old car :)

Leaving at home

Here is at the local garage, he also has a 1979 (red with side pipes)

Here is my L48, as I bought it, with edelbrock carburetor.It needs some fixing up, quite a few things were messed up.