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Stuff I do, call it a hobby, personal projects

My RC Blimp

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RC Submarine

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RC airplanes

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World Trade Center Memorial

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other models and stuff

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Prototype Bracelet and Ring

Sharky pendants

Whale tail pendants

Conny's earrings

Joelle's Ring/Bracelet

Carina's 1st ring

Carina's 2nd ring

Puzzle ring

The Goutte d'or ring/bracelet

The gold drop

The bracelet with no name

Button sharkos

Facial jewelry

Puzzle Piece Pendants

Neat bracelet

The motorized ring box

Michele's earrings

Pin-on necklace

Laetitia's Meteorite pendant

Solo pin

Tanja's Angelwings

Tanja's Interlacing hands ring

Tanja's Titanium butterfly ring

Sikhote Aline Meteorite

Gibeon Meteorite slice

Complete small Gibeon fragment

My Sharko ring/bracelet

My Great White Pendant with titanium

Mereorite cufflinks

My Meteorite cufflinks

Kimagure Orange Road ABCB in 3D

3D reconstruction of the ABCB bar of KOR

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3D animated movie about mars I made once( unfinished)

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Cadia's Hidden Heart Ti. Meteorite Pendant

Energy drink Hormone

3D rendering of a funny energy drink idea I had, Homone energy

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Brain format

How to format your brain, another crazy idea I had for a Drink brand

Brilliant cut Diamond

Thermokinetic light

My first koizumi entry

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My second koizumi entry

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Dark way UV excape marking

My other second koizumi entry

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