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1st Year Design School Projects

Here are so far all the projects we had to do in school, in design school that is. This was in my first year in this school in Liege, Belgium. it's called Institut Superieur des Beaux Arts Saint Luc,  luckily the desgin section has a brand new building. My class is totally overcrowded. But it is ok. People seem to think that design is artistic and so, but good design isn't. I figure only the last 5 -10% are artistic at best, all the rest is based on some rational and logical fact, like economics, production possibilities, ergonomics, psychology,..

Design Projects

Formal research, Divide a 2 liter volume

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Formal research, Fruit out of plaster, a carambole

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Formal research, Mold a fruit

Fred's scanner

3D rendering of Freds ultrasound scanner project

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One hand bottle opener

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Recycling can compacter garbage

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Ice scraper

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Formal Research, triangles


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Fun on wheels

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this sock project was just to fill up time, we had to design some socks


we had one more project ,make 3 shapes with different textures and surfaces so that the shape indicates the texture , well something like that. nobody really understood what the teacher wanted as usual. I prefer not to put them up.


I passed with 70% so that makes a distinction. Not bad since I have to teach the teachers (no joke) I even had 2 classes where I got 100%!!

They already asked me to teach another class next year in C.A.D.

I also made a 3D animation and pictures for a guy in his last year to save his ass. and I did, because he just barely passed with 62%. (you need 60% to pass) and my illustrations were the only ones he had, his model was only half done, and sloppy. so he owes me big!! see it here.

oh no but next year I have all the same teachers again.

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