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4th Year Design School Project

This year I only have one big project.It is my final school project that is supposed to take all year.

I chose to make an automatic Music Distribution Machine that makes CDs on demand in a shop. There were similar system tested before but never really came up.

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Glass tables

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Musys Music distribution system

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This year is the most serious one and these teachers sort of know what they are talking about. There is a positive aspect to this school, and that is that it is real design, not stylism, which means that the combination of function and usability makes the product and looks are only secondary. Compared to other public design schools I heard of this must be the best one. What is good is that they really insist on the functions of the product and less on the visual aspect. It is really more based on mass production as its name says, Industrial Design. I like to call it functional design.