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Hello. My name is Marc
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What I like

Here are a few of the things I like:

I'm no big sports man but I like to go bike riding, walking, a little inline skating, Ice skating and I used to play badminton. Dancing is great too, I went to ball room dance classes for years and also a rock and roll course. But somehow not many people seem to like it I don't know why.

I used to like airplanes an I still am very fascinated by aerodynamics and other types of flow and radiation (hydrodynamics, acoustics, light, cloth, etc) I always wanted to study aerodynamics but the math turned me off. (after 6 years of math class in the Lycee)

I really like computers and electronic stuff. Too bad all these things are still not the way or as easy as they should be.

I like music especially very emotional and expressive music and what is more expressive than mood making film music, scores. I find music must have a melody and not only rhythm. I also really like disco and 80's music, instrumental music, dance, anything but opera !! Choral can be very cool and manga music is a must hear, you would be supprised!

I am very interested in all Japanese stuff, culture, style, etc..

I am no big car fan but I ended up buying my favorite car, a 1979 Corvette.

Check it out here
78 corvette

I am no big old-timer fan but this one is great, the 36 auburn roadster boattail

36 auburn

My favorite animals are the great white shark, the bold eagle, and all kinds of cats and dragonflies, lizards

great white sharkbold eagle

Some day I want a cat again as a pet.

My favorite colors: green, orange,purple, yellow are the ones I prefer But I like more worked out colors, not just plain flat colors, but more with a special shade in.

My favorite food

sushi, maki, handrolls, Shrimps in a basket, pumpkin pie, lobster, cheeseburger, deep fried, marshmallows, mountain dew, popcorn(with salt+butter!!),... Too bad I am allergic to so many things otherwise I would eat junk all the time.

My favorite books,(I hate reading)

-the skunkworks from Ben R. Rich

-how to win friends and influence people by dale carnegie, this is an absolute must-read for every human in society.

Some of my favorite comics

Some of my favorite mangas

My favorite movies,

3D animated and standard animated, Indiana Jones, James Bonds, Starwars, Sci-Fi, Dances with wolves, west side story, Grease, Blues brothers, comedies, westerns ....

It is hard to say what film you like best because sometimes you didn't like a film because you're not in the right mood. And I must say you can't trust anybody's opinion on a film. Every time someone said a film was great or really funny I didn't think so.

Things I don't like

Middle age fantasy,I don't drink, don't smoke, don't take drugs, don't drink coffee, tattoos and piercings are ugly